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MM Shell bot

POSIX sh script that works with mm to allow executables to be run directly from Matrix. Makes command based bots extremely easy to create.

Change the config in the script, put any executable in bin, and run

Do not store your password in plaintext in this script! Ensure that no code execution is possible by exposing executables like bash or python!

Example usage

  • \ping -c1
  • The script will check $CMDDIR for any executables named ping, then execute it with arguments like so:
  • ping -c1
  • STDOUT and STDERR are redirected to Matrix when the command finishes executing
  • $TIMEOUT in the config is used to determine maximum run time of the executables

Environment variables

Some environment variables are available to the executables, to provide extra context for custom scripts and executables.

These variables are:

  • ADMIN: The bot owner, to provide administrative functionality if required
  • FILE: The absolute file path to the event
  • MESSAGE: The content of the message
  • ROOMID: The room ID
  • SENDER: The event sender
  • INFILE: The file that will output directly to the matrix room